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About Us
 Al Amal General Trading LLC “Amal Express” is a renowned Global Money Transfer Company established in the year 1997 at its Global Head Quarter in The Ras Al Khaimah, Free Trade Zone Authority U. A.E. and branch in Dubai as a Money transfer division of the group named “Al Amal Express”, with diversified activities through ever increasing network of global agents and branches.

 Al Amal Express has successfully endeavored to provide fast, cost effective, secure, flexible, and consistent customer focused money remittance solution with impeccable history and business ethics. Our extensive worldwide infrastructure of network continues to play grow persistent and vital role in the financial industry recognition as a valuable service provider. Our corporate expansion plans include establishing a wider global footprint which includes incorporating offices and financial centers. Our Vision To be the most ideal global money transfer company through redefining expediency in the fortitude of swiftness policy. Our vision is to become the leading remittance global service provider backed by innovation, team spirit and a relentless passion for service excellence. Our main motto is to implement ongoing business and marketing strategy within region to capture high growth of business in the market place.

We also committed adhere to the respective local and international laws. Our Mission Our mission is to provide reliable, efficient and profitable remittance services to the world wide. We will strive to achieve high customer satisfaction and continuous growth in an attractive working environment. In doing so, we will exercise good business practices and be sensitive to our environment, also motivate to empower excellence service towards the community. Objectives To provide efficient, speedy and cost-effective money transfer services; To serve all its clients equitably and to the best of its ability, both as money remitters and receivers, with particular humanitarian service considerations for those in remote rural areas and vulnerable members of the community like the poor, disabled, women, internally displaced persons and refugees; To adopt the FATF 40 Recommendations on money laundering and the FATF 8 Special Recommendations against terrorist financing; To ensure compliance with the regulations of the respective country’s federal law and Central Bank of the UAE rules and regulations. To effect strict compliance with anti-terrorist financing and money laundering directives and regulations. Our Values In carrying out our mission, we have established respect values which help to describe the way we work. These values shape what we do, how we do it and how our work can be measured. We believe trust, integrity, passion for excellence and working together Respect: We adhere to respectful behavior in all its forms – mutual and self-respect.

We endeavor in all of our activities to apply good business practices based on ethical behavior and internationally applicable codes. Sharia Compliance: In all of our business activities, we adhere to the finance-related and other principles of the Islamic Sharia. Professionalism: In all that we do, we do with objectivity, integrity and accountable to our stakeholders including our customers. Continuous improvement: We encourage new ideas and look for ways to improve the way we do and progress our business.

We endeavor to continue our trust building activities focused on our customers, affiliated companies, international and national public agencies to ensure that everyone feels to have a stake in our activities. Our Corporate Governance The affairs of the company are directed and supervised by a Board of directors consisting of its founders who are responsible for setting company policies and procedures and supervise the performance of its operations. Principally, the Directors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the business but supervise company business and affairs through executive management, which is headed by a CEO and division managers who is duly authorized for the operations. The Board or the owners recognizes the importance of operating under sound structures, systems and processes in compliance with relevant regulations, leading to stronger corporate governance and financial stability of the company.

Information Technology I.T. policies have been espoused by Al Amal Express, an aim of achieving operational efficiency and adequate data base which enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting in the market expectations. We inducted latest sophisticated on line Connectivity software to improve our operations, Centralized accounting system adding to be more value to our customer relationship and ensure better entire operational system .

Some of the Significant Features of our Computer System

  Local Monitory Agency Reports in a Click of button AML and Black List Integration
  Enhanced for fast Counter Operations in Money s
  Entity-wise Data Management and Inter Branch Operations
  Bank Reconciliation and Inter Branch Reconciliation
  Local Monitory Agency Daily Reporting Upload
  Interfaces with various Banks across the Globe
  Strong Back-Office Operations and MIS Reporting
  Strong Security Features, Multi-Approval Mechanism
  Double Check-In Logic on Mission Critical Areas
  Membership Loyalty Card
  Integrated HR module as per UAE Labor laws and regulatory Business Philosophy

   1. Our brand is built on our core values of honesty, trustworthiness and integrity
   2. Our primary aim is satisfaction of our customers
   3. Our business philosophy is based on trust
   4. We aim to apply good business practices, ethics and internationally applicable codes and compete on a fair basis
   5. We recognize the value of know-how, competence and professionalism as priority in managing our business
   6. Above all, we will seek to promote and protect the Al Amal Express brand at all times Business Focus Compliance to Central Bank of the U.A.E.

 Our prime motto is; to liaison with Central Bank of UAE time to time. We are furnishing all requested reports to the Central Bank of UAE periodically. AML Policy & Procedure AL AMAL has both legal and moral obligation to out rightly deny the use of our business by criminals for financial crime. Furthermore, AL AMAL’s business is based on its reputation and hence it is committed to supporting and meeting the requirements of law enforcement authorities. It is the policy of AL AMAL to prohibit and actively prevent money laundering / terrorist financing and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. Terrorist financing may not involve the proceeds of criminal conduct, but rather an attempt to conceal the origin or intended use of the funds, which will later be used for criminal purposes. In this regard, AL AMAL will not operate or serve any anonymous accounts or accounts in obviously fictitious names. In support of above policy, AL AMAL Management has established an AML/CTF Program as a tool for our day to day operations. Understanding this program and translating this document into action is the key for the success of the AML/CTF Program. Therefore, Management is committed to ensuring awareness of the risks connected with money laundering and terrorist financing, and provide necessary training on our policies, procedures and internal controls to address these risks. The monitoring and maintenance of compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the directors. However, this day to day activity will be delegated to the nominated Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).

The MLRO will be the nominated officer to deal with regulators as well as update Management on changing risks of money laundering and terrorist financing. The MLRO will also ensure strict compliance of the policies and procedures by staff and agents by conducting periodic reviews, which will be supplemented by internal auditors of Al Amal Express. Terrorism and money laundering are legally and morally not acceptable in the society as a whole, and actually are a threat to the safety and security of all. Therefore, if any AL AMAL staff or agent employee knows or suspects or has a reason to suspect that any transaction or activity is suspicious then the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) must be alerted immediately. If an agent feels a transaction is suspicious, it must be reported to the MLRO. Even if the agent is not sure, it is important that the suspicion is reported to the MLRO for the interest of all.