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Somali Investment

This important Somali Economic Forum was held in Nairobi, Kenya on 11 -12 July 2013. Amal Group CEO, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Warsame was one the key speakers in the event and suggested some crucial suggestions among them are the following:


    I am saying events like this are seen as a way of or strengthening and providing Somali business owners with a proven marketing channel that leverages the  power of doing business face-to-face.

Most of Somali entrepreneurs often lack the financialliteracy required for soundfinancial decisions they face. Financial literacy training programs for small business owners that teaches basic financial statements are essential. The overriding objective of these programs is enhancing their basic knowledge in budgeting, planning and forecasting. a wake up call. At Amal offer contributing our expertise on this important matter.



I thank you all, and may the Almighty Allah Bless you,and I wish you Ramadhan Kareem.





Ahmed Mohamed Warsame

CEO, Amal Group Ltd,