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The Amal Group was established in the second half of 1990s whens everal money transfer agents merged to form one company due to the pressures of competition. Since then, the seven existing founders of Somali origin have worked together to build and promote the operations of Amal. The Group has gone from strength to strength based on growing trust and unwavering commitment to providing reliable and affordable services.


From its roots of money transfer, the Group is now an internationalbusiness operating in various sectors: money transfer, forex bureau, realestate and limited banking in Somalia.Today,the total assets of Amal Group amount to more than $30million with a strongcapital base exceeding $5million. Thus, the confidence of investors andcustomers in the Group has been greatly enhanced in recent years, and thereputation of Amal is stronger than ever. With a solid base and trust andconfidence of the communities, particularly the low-income masses it serves,the Group’s growth and diversification is set tocontinue with new business ventures e.g power generation, microfinance andtrade finance.




Headquartered in the UAE, Amal Expressoffers its money transfer services in compliance with anti-money laundering/counteringterrorist financing regulations through more than 300 agent locations inAfrica, North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Middle East and Near East Asia. Control and co-ordination of the moneytransfer operations is usually enhanced in the major markets for Amal throughits own branches managed by key senior personnel. Accordingly, regionalrepresentative officers ensure all customer service aspects.


As a result of growing trust and reputation, combined with anefficient product offered with recognized reliability through an expandingnetwork of agent locations worldwide, Amal Express now serves more than 200,000customers from diverse African communities, including Somalis, Sudanese,Ethiopians, Ugandans etc. Apart from the communities, Amal Express also servesinternational aid, development and humanitarian organizations such as UNDP,Save the Children, Mercy Corps, Action against Hunger etc. Amal Express also serves the private sector for the purpose ofmoving funds for trade and investment activities to and from Somalia. 


The worldwide money transfer industry has witnessed tremendous progress that raises the prospects of pro-poor financial services. In Somalia, where there has been no Central Bank or other formal financial institutions in thelast 18 years of civil strife, remittances play a crucial role in helping millions of Somalis to survive the cruelty of civil war and poverty. Amal Express thus sees itself not just another private sector company but playing an indirect role in the provision of services for and development of the poor and low income population in the Horn of Africa.




The Board of Directors, comprising of the seven founders,supervises the Group affairs. Recently, the directors/founders have decided to separate ownership and executive management so that the directors are not involved in the day to day management of the Group affairs. To this extent, the Board oversees the Group’s business and affairs and supervises the day to dayconduct of business by executive management, which is headed by the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Striving to be a leading financial services and investment company in Africa, the Group is now undergoing a comprehensive legal and organizational restructuring to lay the strong foundations for further growth and fulfilling its mission as follows:


“Ourmission is to provide reliable, efficient and profitable financial and investment services.

We willstrive to achieve high customer satisfaction and continuous growth in shareholder value in an attractive working environment.

In doingso, we will exercise good business practices and be sensitive to our environment.”


Th eBoard recognizes the importance of operating under sound structures, system sand processes in compliance of regulation, leading to stronger corporate governance and financial stability of Amal Group. The main challenge is to turnour existing less formal and structured operations of traditional style to modern structures and systems that can provide a solid foundation for thefuture growth and profitability of Amal Group.


AmalGroup’s business conduct and development is governed and guided by the following principles and values: